I am dreaming about a happy and healthy family. In order that you have had the first impression of me, I want to dip you in my interesting life, namely in its small part. I am a very romantic and creative person who likes listening to the classical music as when I hear the compositions by Mozart and Beethoven, my soul acquires a sense of balance and happiness in life in general! My hobbies are dances, sport, hiking, walking with a dog, I love to bead, to create pictures from flowers, paint - I enjoy presenting my handiworks and pictures to my close people and friends.
I love beginning my morning from the scamper, it is an incredible pleasure to listen to music and breathe the fresh morning air when I run. Very often I run not alone but with my dog it is much more fun because we play and run together - and because of this morning starts with huge positive and good emotions. Dancing is an opportunity for the demonstration of my nature, my dance can be different - passionate, wild and very gentle, smooth and romantic. I always go out to dance classes in oriental style, strip tease - plastic it is so much fun and we are very good friends with a group of girls at the dance. Together we can arrange trips to nature, with delicious food and favorite songs to which we like to dance after the picnic!
I love to relax in the nature actively - skiing, fishing, and hiking in the mountains. I remember that from the childhood we with my dad took a tent, food, and fishing rods and went on a campaign on the road to the river, we were laughing, joking, and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. I could sing songs that made my dad laughing. After our coming back to the place I made a fire to bake potatoes and vegetables, and then we began fishing. I had a lot of such funny campaigns; they always brought more colors and

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